3 Cost-Effective Ways to Advertise Your Small Business Effectively


When it come to your advertising needs, it's recommended that at least 2% of your gross revenue is set aside to promote your business. If you can afford to set aside more (preferably 7% or greater), that gives you more wiggle room for choosing advertising outlets. As a small business owner, you want to hold onto every dime you can, which means even advertising can come at a cost you aren't ready to afford.

10 August 2016

Three Ways To Use A Storage Unit For Your Real Estate Agency


Being a real estate agent is more than just showing houses and facilitating closing documents. A storage unit can create several opportunities to improve your business by offering value-added services that help sell homes more quickly and give your clients a few perks that come with hiring you as their real estate agent. Here are just a few ways you can use a storage unit to benefit your real estate agency.

16 October 2015

Create A Luminescent, Vinyl Sign To Hang Across A Storefront


Make a lasting impression and gain new customers by creating a luminescent, vinyl sign to hang across your business' storefront. The sign will be seen during the day and night and the paint that was used on it will not fade or peel when it is raining. Learn how to complete this project with the following steps: Materials You Will Need piece of luminescent vinyl scissors stencils two sided tape measuring tape luminescent spray paint (for exteriors) acrylic craft spray pen utility knife metal grommets grommet tool kit hammer thick twine hooks nails Attach The Stencils And Apply Paint

11 August 2015

Two Tips To Help You Save Money On Self Storage Rental


According to a recent survey, one in eleven American households utilizes self-storage space, and for good reason.  Storage units provide people with a way to store the items that they can't fit into their homes so that they don't have to deal with a cluttered living space.  Storage units, rented from a location like All American Mini Storage, also serve as safe holding places for unused belongings.  You may be interested in renting a storage unit, but just don't think you can fit it into your budget.

11 June 2015

Preparing for Moving Day


Moving is an expensive process, especially if you're moving out of state. Renting a large moving truck can cost a bundle, but you want to avoid the expenses associated with multiple back-and-forth trips across hundreds of miles. Thankfully, these simple packing efficiency tips should help you fit just about everything you own into a much smaller (and less expensive) truck. Measuring Truck Floor Area Before packing a single item, you should jump up inside the truck you plan to rent and measure the floor area with a tape measure.

24 May 2015

How To Get Your Employees Involved In Your Corporate Move


Changing locations can be a big and exciting change for your company, but your employees might not be as excited about it as you are. Some employees get nervous about big changes, but getting them involved can help everyone get on the same page. These are a few ways that you can get your employees involved in your corporate move; not only will it help get them excited about the transition, but it will make things easier for you, as well.

8 April 2015

4 Ways To Ensure Your Customers Get Their Deliveries


Sometimes it isn't enough to get your customers their items on time -- sometimes you also need to be able to prove that they actually received them. If you deal with any type of sensitive material, it can be important to show not only that they were delivered but when they were delivered and to whom.  1. Certified Mail When you send something by mail you can choose to have it certified, at which point you can request that it be signed.

9 March 2015

Why Do People Use Self Storage Units?


The Self Storage Association says that nearly 1 in 9 American households use self storage facilities. Why would people spend so much money storing their items instead of just downsizing their homes? The multi-billion dollar industry speaks for itself in terms of its usefulness. Here are some common reasons people choose to rent these facilities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves over 11 times over a lifetime.

19 February 2015

How To Prevent Being Locked Out From Becoming A Disaster


A good way to describe "dread" is the feeling you get when you come home after a long day and realize that, for one reason or another, you can't get into your house. You left your keys at work, your spare is in the desk upstairs instead of under the mat, and as a safety-conscious individuals, you locked all your windows from the inside. But being locked out isn't something most people consider until it's too late.

9 February 2015

4 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Office


Is your office doing its part to save the environment? In your day-to-day world of overscheduling and business meetings, good, eco-friendly practices may get lost in the shuffle. However, you can take small steps to reduce your office's environmental footprint. Here are four tips that your office could start using today to make it a more eco-friendly place. Use Your Printers and Copiers with the Automatic Duplexing Feature When you use the automatic duplexing feature on your printers and copiers, they will print and copy on two-sides.

30 December 2014