Create A Luminescent, Vinyl Sign To Hang Across A Storefront


Make a lasting impression and gain new customers by creating a luminescent, vinyl sign to hang across your business' storefront. The sign will be seen during the day and night and the paint that was used on it will not fade or peel when it is raining. Learn how to complete this project with the following steps:

Materials You Will Need

  • piece of luminescent vinyl
  • scissors
  • stencils
  • two sided tape
  • measuring tape
  • luminescent spray paint (for exteriors)
  • acrylic craft spray
  • pen
  • utility knife
  • metal grommets
  • grommet tool kit
  • hammer
  • thick twine
  • hooks
  • nails

Attach The Stencils And Apply Paint

Purchase a piece of vinyl that is large enough to display the words that you decide upon. If you find that you have extra space on the vinyl after you make the sign, you can trim the edges of it. Lay the vinyl on a flat surface. Attach a piece of two sided tape to the back of each stencil and press all of them onto the vinyl. Use a measuring tape to help you line up the stencils so that they are straight and evenly spaced apart.

Apply a coat of luminescent spray paint that is designed for exteriors to the the cut out portion of each stencil. Stand back several inches as you are applying the paint so that it is added evenly. Use several colors of paint to help the words on the sign stand out and attract attention. Wait for the paint to dry and add a second coat to darken each letter. 

Apply A Protective Coating And Install Grommets

Spray an even coat of acrylic craft spray across the surface of the vinyl. The craft spray will prevent the paint from fading or peeling. After the spray dries, insert holes in the top corners of the vinyl with a grommet kit. Use a pen to mark the vinyl to show where the grommets will be placed. Puncture the vinyl with a utility knife in the marked areas.

Metal grommets consist of two pieces that intertwine. Place one metal grommet piece with the prongs facing upwards on a flat surface. Line the vinyl up so that the corner with the hole is directly over the grommet. Insert the prongs through the vinyl. Place the matching metal grommet piece that is designed to interlock into the pronged piece downwards so that the flat, smooth side is facing upwards. 

Carefully slide the anvil tool underneath the metal grommet with the prongs. The anvil tool resembles a flat disk. Place the setter on top of the other grommet piece (the one that has the smooth surface showing). Tap the setter with a hammer several times until the grommet pieces connect. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side of the vinyl.

Hang The Sign 

Install a couple hooks a few feet apart from each other over the door to your business. Insert a piece of twine through each hole that you made in the sign and tie them to the hooks.The luminescent paint and vinyl contains phosphors. During the day, the phosphors will absorb sunlight. At night, the stored light energy will be emitted, creating a glowing appearance. The sign will attract attention and you may be able to gain some new customers.

Find you want more help? Or have other questions? Contact a company that works in storefront signs with your questions to learn more.


11 August 2015

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