How To Prevent Being Locked Out From Becoming A Disaster


A good way to describe "dread" is the feeling you get when you come home after a long day and realize that, for one reason or another, you can't get into your house. You left your keys at work, your spare is in the desk upstairs instead of under the mat, and as a safety-conscious individuals, you locked all your windows from the inside. But being locked out isn't something most people consider until it's too late. So to save yourself some trouble, take a few steps to make it easier for you to let yourself in without making it any easier for anyone else to do the same.

Be Creative With Your Hidden Key

If you've got a hide-a-key, that's great. Just don't put it under the doormat, on top of the door frame or under a conspicuous lawn ornament. Criminals like to check there. Instead, keep a copy of your house key somewhere creative, like in the back of your phone case or inside your belt buckle if you've got one. If you're feeling creative, cut an insert into one of your shoes and slip the key inside. Just don't wear the wrong shoes.

Install A Garage Door Keypad

A keypad for a garage door works the same way as a combination lock, and it lets you open your garage door from the outside -- but only if you know the right sequence. So if you forget your key, no problem. Just open the garage door and walk in that way. For security purposes, change the code every so often or if you feel like someone may know it.

Save Locksmith Numbers

In some cases, you might just need to call a locksmith, but if you're stuck alone outside your front door with nary a phone book in sight, it can be hard to find one. So before you go out again, look at the locksmiths in your area and save a few phone numbers into your phone. If you are out late at night, look for 24-hour locksmiths. That way, if you ever get locked out at any time of day or night, you have a saved lifeline without having to hunt for options.

Have A Trusted Contact

If you have a good friend that lives nearby, and you trust them enough, give them a copy of your house key. This should only be done if you feel comfortable doing so, but it can be a safe option that's more financially reasonable than hiring a locksmith. If you plan on waking them up in the early hours of the morning for help, help gain their confidence by repaying the favor with lunch or coffee.

Even if you think you'll never be locked out of your house, all it takes is one mistake to make you wish you had prepared. They don't need to be conspicuous or risky options, but they can mean the difference between getting back in your house quickly and spending hours stuck on the front porch.

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9 February 2015

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