Preparing for Moving Day


Moving is an expensive process, especially if you're moving out of state. Renting a large moving truck can cost a bundle, but you want to avoid the expenses associated with multiple back-and-forth trips across hundreds of miles. Thankfully, these simple packing efficiency tips should help you fit just about everything you own into a much smaller (and less expensive) truck.

Measuring Truck Floor Area

Before packing a single item, you should jump up inside the truck you plan to rent and measure the floor area with a tape measure. This will help give you a basic idea of how much you can stuff into the truck without overfilling. It can also give you time to eye-ball the interior and make a basic packing plan. For example, you can decide where to place specific items, such as blankets or chairs, and mentally imagine how they will fit inside.

Installing a PVC Clothes Rack

There's really no easy way to pack clothes in a moving truck. People often try to stuff them in plastic moving containers, but this often leads to excessive clothing boxes taking up precious room on your truck floor.

Eliminate this problem by building PVC pipe clothing racks. Place these along the inside walls of your track, tape them down with duct tape, and hang your clothes off the top pipe. While this may not handle all of your clothes, it can get a large bunch of them out of the way and keep your nicest clothes wrinkle-free during the move.

Arranging Cook

Cooking items are often hard to pack efficiently. Pots and pants feel too bulky to pack while the mass volume of items like forks and knives will cause a major packing headache. However, if you follow these simple packing tips, you shouldn't have any difficulty packing your cooking wear in one or two boxes:

  • Pack Similar Items Inside Each Other
  • Store Utensils Directly in Pots and Pans
  • Seal Largest Items with Tape to Prevent Spills
  • Hang Extra Items on Nails Driven into the top bar of the PVC Clothes Rack

Vertically Packing Fragile Items

When it comes to fragile items such as records, bowls, and pieces of precious china, vertical packing is the way to go. Vertical packing is not only more efficient, but is the best way to avoid damaging fragile items while moving. For even greater packing efficiency, place soft items, such as sheets and blankets, alongside these items. These items will create a soft "buffer" for the fragile items and protect them from serious damage.

These suggestions are just a few of the multitude that you can implement to increase your packing efficiency. If you need any more help, call up a local moving company like United Moving and Storage. They can offer you tips, suggestions, and packing merchandise to make your move simpler and more enjoyable.


24 May 2015

Using A Professional Appointment Scheduling Service

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