4 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Office


Is your office doing its part to save the environment? In your day-to-day world of overscheduling and business meetings, good, eco-friendly practices may get lost in the shuffle. However, you can take small steps to reduce your office's environmental footprint. Here are four tips that your office could start using today to make it a more eco-friendly place.

Use Your Printers and Copiers with the Automatic Duplexing Feature

When you use the automatic duplexing feature on your printers and copiers, they will print and copy on two-sides. Printing on two sides will save your office paper. Of course, there will be projects where you cannot duplex print or copy. Make these the exception. Create an office rule that encourages double-sided printing and copying.

Buy a Multi-Functional Machine

Do you have one machine that prints, another that scans, and yet another that makes copies? All of those machines are using energy. This separate energy usage is costing you more money than would using a multi-functional machine. Try to find a machine that has combined copy services with other capabilities such as faxing, printing, and scanning. This will save your office money and resources. All-in-one office machines reduce energy consumption.

Do Your Office Machines Have the Energy Star Symbol?

Appliances and office machines that have the energy star symbol meet standards for reducing the incidence of air pollution, energy consumption, and electrical usage. If your office machines have this symbol on them, they may have special energy saving features. For example, they may have sleep and standby functions that will automatically shut the machines down when they are inactive, thus reducing energy consumption.

Use a Copier and Printer That Have Individual Ink Cartridges

When you find a copier and printer with individual ink cartridges, you can dispose of the cartridge once it is empty. In contrast, if you don't have one with individual cartridges, you would have to throw away the entire cartridge, even though all of the ink is not spent.

Recycle Printer and Toner Cartridges

Find out if your area has a place where you can recycle used printer and toner cartridges. Start by checking at an office supply store. The alternative would be tossing these cartridges away, which is not a very eco-friendly thing to do.

Small steps could lead to a small environmental footprint for your office. The four preceding tips will get you started today on saving energy. Your office supply store will provide you with more energy saving tips for your office.


30 December 2014

Using A Professional Appointment Scheduling Service

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