Three Ways To Use A Storage Unit For Your Real Estate Agency


Being a real estate agent is more than just showing houses and facilitating closing documents. A storage unit can create several opportunities to improve your business by offering value-added services that help sell homes more quickly and give your clients a few perks that come with hiring you as their real estate agent. Here are just a few ways you can use a storage unit to benefit your real estate agency.

Create A Home Staging Warehouse

Not every homeowner has a picture-perfect house, and you may need to purchase furnishings and decor pieces to successfully stage homes before a showing. Renting a storage space makes it easy to create a mini home staging warehouse to store and access items including area rugs, lamps, end tables and artwork for staging homes. Consider investing in several different styles of furnishings and accessories so you can decorate different styles of homes effortlessly. Give the agents in your office keys to the storage unit so they can find the items they need before an open house. Add a shelving unit to house cleaning supplies, such as glass cleaner and dusting spray so you can spruce up a home quickly.

Hide Homeowner Clutter

Some homes may simply have too much clutter to stage properly. You can rent a storage space to temporarily store boxes of items that are stacked in bedrooms and closets to create a more tidy look for a home you are trying to sell. This also makes it easy to remove old, worn-looking furniture to substitute with items from your staging warehouse to create a beautiful look in the home. If the owner is preparing to move, offer to store their packed boxes and extra furniture in the storage unit and arrange to have a moving company transport the items to the owner's new home. Your clients will appreciate this added benefit and you'll be able to make the house you are trying to sell look more appealing to potential buyers.

Create A Complementary Moving Supply Store

You can offer moving supplies to home sellers and buyers as a value-added service. Use a storage space to keep boxes, tape and markers on hand for whenever a house is sold. You can then deliver these items to your client as a thank-you gift for their business that saves the client some time and money when preparing for a move. Keep dollies and moving blankets available to borrow, and arrange to pick them up once your client is done moving.

A storage unit makes it easy to stage homes and offer unique services to your clients. Put a storage unit to work as a staging warehouse, a storage unit for client clutter or for creating a moving supply center that gives your clients the tools they need to pack and move into their new home.


16 October 2015

Using A Professional Appointment Scheduling Service

Hey everyone, it's Wesley Poklies here. I'm an extremely busy owner of three separate businesses. I always take the time to stop in and see how my employees and clients are doing. However, I cannot take the time to personally schedule appointments with interested parties. Instead, I hired a personal scheduling professional to perform this service for me. All of my appointments are made through this entity using the calendar I provide at the beginning of each month. I just follow the given schedule to make sure my clients and employees receive the attention they need. I will explain the benefits of using this type of service for your company on my website. Furthermore, I will discuss how this service works for professionals in every industry. Thanks for stopping by.