3 Cost-Effective Ways to Advertise Your Small Business Effectively


When it come to your advertising needs, it's recommended that at least 2% of your gross revenue is set aside to promote your business. If you can afford to set aside more (preferably 7% or greater), that gives you more wiggle room for choosing advertising outlets. As a small business owner, you want to hold onto every dime you can, which means even advertising can come at a cost you aren't ready to afford. Here are three cost-effective ways you can advertise your small business effectively regardless of your budget.

Vinyl banner

Vinyl is a wonderful medium for a banner to advertise your business because its material is not prone to fading in sunlight or tearing in high winds. This means you can invest in a single-purchase custom banner with vibrant print to be used over and over again for end-of-season sales, new promotional products, and more. You can purchase a vinyl banner in a mesh design or opt for a high gloss for greater customer appeal. The larger your banner, the greater visibility your sign has for potential customers to see. Visit sites like http://www.davissign.com to check out some banner options. 

Phone-book advertisement

You may think advertising in the phone book is archaic and old-fashioned, but think of it this way: when you place an ad in the phone book, those who still use this medium have full access to your message. Those who prefer to use online phone services (a far more popular route for consumers) will still be able to see your advertisement online as well. The key to phone-book advertising is to combine classic marketing with modern strategies so you reach a broader customer base. If you have never advertised in the phone book before, it may be wise to spend more of your budget on local newspaper advertising so you can get your name out there more quickly, then follow up with a phone-book ad in a few months.

Social media

If you have little money to spend on advertising or are a brand-new small business and want to reach out to your community quickly, reach out with social media. You can join many popular social media outlets for free or nearly free and use them to promote new products, start an opinion poll, announce your grand opening, and more.

Whether you want to use a large vinyl banner to make your business stand out or are willing to try your hand at social media, there are many ways to advertise your small business. Try a variety of advertising techniques and track the customers you receive when doing your campaigns to see which methods ultimately work best for you.


10 August 2016

Using A Professional Appointment Scheduling Service

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