Two Tips To Help You Save Money On Self Storage Rental


According to a recent survey, one in eleven American households utilizes self-storage space, and for good reason.  Storage units provide people with a way to store the items that they can't fit into their homes so that they don't have to deal with a cluttered living space.  Storage units, rented from a location like All American Mini Storage, also serve as safe holding places for unused belongings.  You may be interested in renting a storage unit, but just don't think you can fit it into your budget.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to rent an affordable storage unit.

Outdoor Storage May Be Less Expensive

If you're looking to rent a storage unit for a great place, outdoor storage facilities may be the way to go.  To get an idea of what this means, compare storage unit facilities to hotels and motels.  Motels, which usually feature doors that face the outside world, are generally cheaper than hotels, which often have inward facing doors.  The additional security that is derived from the safety of being in a building is one of the reasons for the rate hike.

In the same way, an outdoor storage unit may have a lower rental fee than a unit that is completely enclosed.  Outdoor storage units function in much the same way as garages, with the exception of storage facilities that feature climate controlled outdoor storage units, which are always a great bet.

Automatic Payments Drive Down Costs

Another great technique you can use to drive down the cost of your next storage rental is to sign up for automatic payments.  Some storage businesses offer discounts to people who agree to allow their monthly payment to be automatically taken from their banking account.  They do this because they feel that with auto-debit, there's a greater chance that they'll get their money.

If you want an even larger discount, you should consider paying the total price of your rental up front.  Although this may initially be a sizable investment, you will save money in the long run.   Keep in mind that if you pay upfront, be sure to have a clause written into your contract which guarantees a refund of any unused portion of the funds should you decide that you no longer require a storage unit.

You won't have to deny yourself the benefits of storage rental if you know what to do.  When you need some storage space, use these tips so you can get the best deal possible. 


11 June 2015

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