How To Get Your Employees Involved In Your Corporate Move


Changing locations can be a big and exciting change for your company, but your employees might not be as excited about it as you are. Some employees get nervous about big changes, but getting them involved can help everyone get on the same page. These are a few ways that you can get your employees involved in your corporate move; not only will it help get them excited about the transition, but it will make things easier for you, as well.

1. Keep Them Informed

First of all, you should know that your employees are more likely to get nervous if they aren't aware of everything that is going on. Therefore, it's smart to keep your employees informed about where you're moving, when the moving date is and other important details. This can help cut down on rumors and can help keep everyone on the same page.

2. Ask Them to Contact Loyal Customers

Instead of sending out a mass email or mailing, consider having your employees contact your loyal customers to let them know about the changes. Your customer are sure to appreciate the more personal gesture, and this will give your employees another chance to establish a good relationship with your customer base.

3. Get Them Involved on Social Media

Your social media pages are a great way of letting customers know about the upcoming changes in your company. Have your employees post information about your move on social media, and ask them to respond to comments or questions. This can help them get excited about the move and will give your customers a more personal touch.

4. Have Them Pack Their Own Office Belongings

Even if you are hiring a corporate moving company to help you with your move, offer your employees the chance to pack up their own office belongings. Many people get nervous about their belongings being lost, stolen or mixed up during a move, so allowing them to pack up their own stuff will give them peace of mind.

5. Throw a Party at the New Location

Before your official opening, consider throwing a small party at the new location. This is a great way to celebrate your company's big change with your employees, and it will give everyone a chance to get to know the new office and become accustomed to traveling there.

Ensuring that your employees are ready for your big corporate move is important. Luckily, these are a few ways that your employees can get involved and excited about these upcoming changes, and you won't have to worry about handling everything yourself, either.

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8 April 2015

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