Why Do People Use Self Storage Units?


The Self Storage Association says that nearly 1 in 9 American households use self storage facilities. Why would people spend so much money storing their items instead of just downsizing their homes? The multi-billion dollar industry speaks for itself in terms of its usefulness. Here are some common reasons people choose to rent these facilities.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves over 11 times over a lifetime. This often occurs during people's younger years, such as moving out of their parents' house, switching jobs before settling into a career, or getting married. Unfortunately during those moves, a lot of items need to be thrown away. This might be because they're too heavy to move or a renter is in a rush to leave before the lease is up. More often it has to do with moving from a larger space to a smaller one. This is a main reason why so many people rent self storage units. It keeps you from starting from square one every time you pack up.

Another common reason people rent self storage units is to store seasonal items. Fashionistas with a huge wardrobe but a tiny closet don't often find room for their winter basics once summer rolls around. Sports equipment like golf clubs and scuba gear also find their way to self storage units. Storing unnecessary items elsewhere saves room in a home's limited space. Self storage renters are also assured that they know exactly where they packed their winter coats.

Even seasonal vehicles can be kept at a self storage facility. Boat owners in the northern half of the United States need to take their boat out of water for half of the year. Motorcycle owners also need a place to store their bike when it's too chilly. While many people leave these items in their yard, covered up to avoid weather damage, a self storage unit will keep them protected. Not only that, but alarms, locks, and insurance prevent expensive replacement in case of a theft.

Finally, a big niche in the self storage market are online businesses. Earning an income by selling things online requires a lot of space for inventory. Sometimes it is simply impossible to keep all of the necessary items at home.

Those are only some of the reasons millions of people choose self storage, from places like Pearl Street Self Storage, units each year. Maybe you could have your own!


19 February 2015

Using A Professional Appointment Scheduling Service

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