Putting That Mattress In Storage This Spring? Follow These Tips!

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Beds are difficult to store properly, because they can easily get moldy in storage, and they can take up a lot of room in your storage unit. If your spring cleaning involves putting a mattress in storage, these tips will help you store your furniture item without causing damage. Clean, then Cover Your Mattress Use the upholstery tool on your vacuum to clean your mattress. If you use cleaner to wash stains from your mattress, allow the mattress to dry for several days before putting it in a cover.

8 February 2016

What Household Waste Ends Up In Compost?

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If you're looking for a natural, green way to improve your garden soil, then there is nothing better than compost. It helps recycle waste, and provides rich nutrients for your soil. You can either make compost at home, or buy compost from a supplier. Compost is made from natural, recyclable trash from your home. The ingredients in a compost heap are divided into nitrogen rich and carbon rich. It is important to have both carbon rich ingredients, as well as nitrogen rich ingredients.

19 January 2016