How Cremation Helps The Environment

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A once highly contentious practice, cremation has become increasingly popular in modern society. Most people choose this method of final disposition because it costs less than a traditional burial. While this is generally true, opting for extras can cause cremation costs to add up quickly.

If you care about saving the environment, cremation is a great alternative to conventional burials. Read along to learn how cremation services can protect the environment.

Reduction In Materials Usage

From caskets and vaults to embalming fluids, traditional burials require using significant amounts of materials that are not only non-biodegradable but can leach heavy metals and hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Choosing cremation can cut usage of these materials significantly, thus reducing their impact on the environment. Embalming chemicals, caskets and vaults are not necessary for funeral ceremonies to take place. Only an urn is required to store the deceased person's ashes.

Preservation Of Land

Since land is a natural resource whose supply is fixed and limited, there is a need to use it productively. Setting aside land for cemeteries undermines efforts to accomplish this goal.

When you choose cremation, you'll have many different options for disposing of your ashes. For example, you can ask your family to scatter it at sea, keep it in the family home or even bury it.

No matter how your remains are interred, one thing's for sure — less land will be used as burial space and more of it will be available for productive use. If you opt for a burial, consider a biodegradable urn as it will naturally break down over time, minimizing the impact on the land.

Protection Of Forests

With the rise of cremation and green funerals, you can now pay to have your ashes mixed with soil and scattered around a tree in one of the memorial forests located across the United States. These forests are protected from being developed.  This not only preserves land but fosters the growth and protection of forests. 

Also, the trees in memorial forests help combat greenhouse gas emissions, as they absorb and lock up carbon gasses while replenishing the oxygen supply.

Although the cremation process itself contributes to carbon gas emissions that harm the environment, it offers real environmental advantages over traditional burials. If you want planet Earth to be a little better when you depart, choosing cremation makes sense. Contact a reputable funeral home today to get your free cremation cost estimate. 


12 May 2022

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