How An Asphalt Line Striping Service Puts Fresh Stripes On Your Lot

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Parking lot maintenance is an important part of maintaining your commercial grounds. A lot that's in good repair reflects well on you and is safer to use. In addition to maintaining the asphalt, you also need to keep the stripes fresh and visible.

You can hire an asphalt line striping service to put down new stripes after a sealcoat is applied or the parking lot is resurfaced. However, you might need to have new stripes put down before work on the asphalt is needed. The lines should always be visible and placed correctly to comply with local codes and ADA regulations. Here are some details to know about having stripes put on your parking lot.

Start With An Evaluation

The first step is to have an inspection by an asphalt line striping service. The professionals can advise you if the lines should be moved or repositioned. Things like the width and angle of the lines make a difference in how well traffic on the lot is managed. The service might just need to paint over existing lines, or they might need to make changes to comply with newer ADA regulations.

Clean The Asphalt

The asphalt has to be cleaned first so the stripes adhere well. This might be done by pressure washing and then allowing the asphalt to dry. It's important for the asphalt to be dry while applying stripes, so the work is planned for dry weather and the lot is allowed to dry thoroughly after washing.

Tape Off The Lot

Cars have to be kept off the lot, so the line striping service may put tape up and work on your lot a small section at a time. That could mean the work takes several days to complete, but your customers and employees will have places to park while the work is underway.

Put Down The Stripes

Stripes are often put down with a machine, so the work goes fast and the stripes have defined edges. If the lines are moved, the contractor needs to paint over the old ones with a suitable black paint so the old lines become invisible. Otherwise, the contractor can use the old stripes as a guide for painting the new ones.

The stripes need to dry thoroughly before cars can drive over them, so the line striping service lets you know when your parking lot is complete and ready to use as normal. The stripes could last a few years depending on the amount of sun exposure and traffic on your lot. When the lines fade, call an asphalt line striping service to add new stripes again so you stay in compliance with codes and regulations.


8 December 2021

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