Keys To Caring For High-Pressure Pumps Responsible For Sludge Transfer

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If you have a facility that's involved in sludge transfer, then high-pressure pumps are pivotal to safe and controlled movements of said substance. In order to keep these pumps working optimally for sludge transfer purposes, here are some steps you can perform.

Perform Controlled Repairs on Parts Exposed to Wear

High-pressure pumps — regardless of what they're used for — will experience some type of wear. Particular components will wear down over time, such as the valves, seals, and plungers. The best way to go about maintaining said components is to perform controlled repairs on them.

That means repairing these components before they fully break down and subsequently have to be thrown out. Frequent and thorough inspections are required to identify possible warnings signs of wear. You can then repair said components and potentially get more years out of them.

Find Out Reasons for Pressure Drops Quickly

If your high-pressure pump was able to drop in pressure, then sludge may not move throughout your facility like it needs to. This is a problem you want to resolve quickly before you are put up against delays and costs.

High-pressure pumps often lose pressure because of improper sealing. A seal may have worn down to the point of creating gaps, thus causing pressure to drop out of the ideal range. Professional assistance can help support your conclusions about why the pressure dropped. They can also course-correct if better solutions are possible. 

Watch Out for Water Getting Into the Oil

Oil is used as a lubricant, keeping your high-pressure pump cool and efficient when transporting sludge. In order for it to do its job effectively, water needs to be kept away from this substance. Otherwise, your high-pressure pump's oil could change in characteristics. 

More specifically, oil with water might have a harder time cooling systems that need to be kept cool. Ultimately, this will cause parts on your high-pressure pump to fail. If you discover water has gotten into your pump's oil, be sure to cleanse the system entirely and find out how it got there in the first place. Usually, it's a leak with one of the seals. 

Sludge transfer is something that can be aided by high-pressure pumps because of their power and steady pressure. Review proven maintenance guides when looking to take care of said pumps for sludge transfer. Then you'll never neglect a part or put yourself in danger. Reach out to a professional for assistance with high-pressure pumps


25 October 2021

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