5 Safety Features To Look For In A Stair Lift

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Navigating stairs if you have mobility issues or as you age can become trickier. That is why having a stairlift in your home can be so helpful. Stair lifts can allow you to navigate the stairs in your home while in a seated position. When looking at chair lifts, it is essential to consider what safety features you want your model to come equipped with.

Safety Feature #1: Seat Belt

One of the most common safety features is a seat belt or some sort of harness that straps you in as you use the device. It is essential that you are secure inside the seat as it is designed to move up and down the stairs. The most common type of seat belt is a lap belt that will help prevent you from slipping out of the bottom of the seat. Withstanding or perch models, the seatbelt is designed to hold your body in place and ensure you don't slip while standing up. A seat belt is essential for any chairlift in your home.

Safety Feature #2: Obstruction Sensors

Another safety feature you can add is obstruction sensors. These are basically sensors that detect if something is in the way of the lift on the stairs, such as a dropped item, a pet, or another person. When the sensor detects that something is in its way, the unit will stop immediately. This will allow the obstruction to be cleared, ensuring the unit is not damaged, and whatever is in the way is not harmed as well.

Safety Feature #3: Emergency Stop

You will want to have some type of emergency stop button or emergency brake system that can be engaged to stop the unit in case of emergencies completely. Ideally, it should be able to stop the unit without any jerking motions that could put the person using the lift at risk.

Safety Feature #4: Limit Sensors

Limit sensors can be placed on the stairs to guide the lift to the appropriate stopping position at both the top and bottom. They essentially prevent the lift from going behind the sensors, keeping the walkable area around the lift safely and ensuring that it stops and starts where you want it to.

Safety Feature #5: Lockable Swivel Seat

With a chair lift, typically, the seat can swivel around, allowing you to position the seat so that you can get out in the safest manner when you reach the top of the stairs. The seat should be positioned towards the landing so that one can safely exit forward without getting out at an awkward angle. With a lockable swivel seat, you can position the seat so you can exit the device in the safest manner possible.

When looking at chair lifts for your home, pay attention to the safety features they come with. The safety features should allow the lift to be used in a customizable and safe manner.


30 June 2021

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