Pocket Cast Nets: Basics For Beginners

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Cast nets are a popular device for easily catching baitfish. There are three main types of pocket cast nets -- bottom pocket nets, top pocket nets, and drawstring nets. Understanding your options and basic usage of the nets is a must.

Types of Nets

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's important to choose the best net option for your needs.

Bottom Pocket Nets

A bottom pocket net is the preferred choice if you will be casting from the shoreline or a dock. This style, which originally hails from Japan, catches fish in the bottom pocket, which makes it an excellent choice for catching small baitfish in shallow waters.

Top Pocket Nets

Top pocket nets are sometimes called shrimp nets. Shrimp and prawns tend to swim or "jump" into the net from the top, which makes them harder to catch with a standard bottom pocket net. Thus, top pocket nets are used almost exclusively for shrimping.

Drawstring Nets

The drawstring net can also be called the American style net. This net is best used off a boat since it is designed for use in deep water. It works well for catching fish like herring. A drawstring net looks very similar to the bottom pocket net, except that it has a cord that runs around the bottom edge that will draw tight when you haul the net back in.

Cast Net Safety

It's important to learn to cast and manage your net properly, both for your safety and for the safety of sea life.


Casting takes practice, so expect to get wet and muck covered the first few times you attempt it. There are many different methods for casting, so you will need to research to find what works best for you. When practicing, choose an area where you have plenty of room to work without disturbing others. Empty the net after each cast so that harm doesn't come to the fish you bring in. There is no need to leave a pile of dead fish that were useless as bait sitting on the shoreline.


The most dangerous thing that you are likely to bring up with your cast net is a stinging jellyfish. The easiest way to get a jellyfish out of the net is to simply dump it out, gently and without shaking. If some tentacles are left behind, don heavy gloves and remove them carefully. Otherwise, those stingers on the tentacles may get you the next time you cast the net.

Contact a net or fishing supplier to learn more about the cast net options that are available. For more information on a bottom pocket cast net, reach out to a supplier.


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