Preventative Maintenance to Do with a Traditional Water Heater

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If you're a homeowner that has a traditional water heater, you should know that this is not an appliance you should just ignore until something goes wrong with it. You'll need to perform regular maintenance that will help prolong the water heater's lifespan and check for potential problems. Here is some helpful advice for those that have a traditional hot water heater.

Advice Prior to Starting

You'll want to ensure that all the water valves connected to the water heater are turned off before you do any work on the appliance. This will prevent water from leaking as you are doing work. If you own a gas-powered water heater, make sure the valve is turned to the pilot setting. This will prevent the heating element from suddenly turning on while you are working on the tank. For electric-powered water heaters, shut off the power at the main breaker box to prevent a potential electric shock from the appliance.

Common Issues to Deal with

Test the Flue

A potential problem with your water heater is that the flue isn't properly draining. To figure out if this is happening, light a single match close to the water heater's housing and then look at where the smoke goes. The smoke should rise up and go into the flue. If it doesn't, you may need a professional to inspect the flue for problems.

Test the T&P Relief Valve

You'll also need to look at the tank's temperature and pressure-relief valve. You can test it by placing a bucket under the valve and opening the valve. In ideal conditions, the tank should release 1 cup of water for every 10 gallons of water in the tank. For example, a 40-gallon water heater should expel approximately ½ gallon worth of water from the valve. If the tank is not draining water or draining way too much, something could be wrong with the pressure inside the tank. Keep in mind that this water will be very hot, so use caution when opening the valve.  

Drain the Sediment

You should also drain some water out of the tank's drain valve to clear out any sediment that has collected toward the bottom. This can help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat up the water and prevent that annoying banging sound from happening.

If you do encounter a problem that you do not know how to fix, call a plumber such as Clearwater Plumbing to help you out.


26 July 2016

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