3 Ways Sports Bars Can Use Digital Signage Software

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Digital signage software is a modern way to interact with customers, showcase promotions, and cater to all types of businesses. When you own a sports bar, you can reach out to customers in a number of different ways by using digital signage. The digital software can be added to multiple types of touch screen devices and placed within your sports bar. Browse through three different methods for using digital signage in your sports bar. Each one will help you increase customer interaction and business.

Table Reservations

During large sports events, bars can become crowded as people seek seats for watching games. Instead of struggling to organize seating for specific booths and tables, you can use digital signing for table reservations. The digital touch-screen can feature a layout of your sports bar and all of the available tables. This process can help for big events like the World Series or Super Bowl. If you charge for table reservations, then you can even feature payment methods through the software. By placing the screen near the front of the store, guests can easily reserve the table and get a notification when it is ready.

Interactive Gaming

Along with watching athletics, sports bars are also known for featuring a number of digital sports games. You can provide your customers with all types of sports games through digital signage software. Large touch screens can be installed right at tables in the bar. The software can feature a number of arcade-style sports games including soccer shoot-outs, basketball, and football. Add more interaction by featuring multi-player games that people sitting across from each other can play together. It's a great way to increase the social aspect of your restaurant. You can add multiple screens across multiple areas of the restaurant.

Sports Pools

When showcasing sports in your restaurants, there are a number of ways to help get fans involved. One of those is to run sports pools. By running sports pools, you can feature a number of free contests with promotional prizes like drinks or appetizers. When someone enters your bar, they can use digital signage to select a winner of an upcoming game. When entering, the person can supply an email address or phone number. This is a great way to create a promotional contact list for reaching out to customers. The sports pools can become a fun tradition in your bar that is used through multiple leagues. The prizes are a great way to entice fans and create a friendly competitive atmosphere inside of the bar.

For more info, contact a digital signage software company to help set up your custom designs and various products.


7 July 2016

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