Is Your Stuffed Animal Collection Taking Up Too Much Room? Helpful Tips For Storing Them

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If your love for stuffed animals extended from childhood to adulthood, you may still seek out your favorite animals or characters to continue building upon your collection. The main problem with this type of collection is that it can take up so much room because these items range from small to massive. It is not like jewelry or figurines that are fairly small and can be kept in a small area, even with a large collection. Renting a self storage unit may become necessary at some point in time. But, before you put your stuffed animals away, you need to make sure they are not going to get damaged at any time.

Stuffed Animals

The material in most stuffed animals these days is machine washable, but some of it is not. If you have been collecting them for years, you may have some that are filled up with straw or bean shells instead of soft stuffing. Avoiding the washing machine will keep them in good condition, but they still need to be cleaned. The primary method is handwashing by using mild detergent and a soft brush to remove dirtiness.

Properly storing stuffed animals is another essential step of successful safekeeping. If you have to make repairs, you should make sure to do this before you wash them to avoid permanent damage. Acid-free tissue paper is something that you will want to have a lot of to wrap your animals in. The next thing you will need is plastic bins that will protect your collection from moisture, bugs, dust, and physical harm.

Beanie Babies

Stuffed animals come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. But, beanie babies are a specific type of stuffed animal that requires special care, especially because a number of them carry high monetary value. If you have some of these animals or you think some of yours may increase in price over time, you should make it a top priority to store them without causing damage, especially to the tag. Using tag protectors, baking soda, cotton gloves, and a toothbrush are all essential in the proper care of beanie babies. The baking soda is to get oil off, the toothbrush is for grooming, and the gloves are for handling. If you want, you can display them in a display case inside a storage unit, or you can carefully put them in plastic bins.

Stuffed animals are a little tricky to store, but these methods should help you succeed.  


22 June 2016

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