No Tresspassing: Keeping Your Home Secure

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Home security is one of the main priorities homeowners should have regarding their homes. If you are a homeowner, you want to know you are doing your best to prevent a break in or other security problems from happening. These tips will help you to cut down on your chances of being burglarized or vandalized.

Protect your windows

If you have a two story house, you don't want to get too comfortable leaving the second story windows open. A lot of people think these windows aren't a risk when it comes to a break-in, but this is incorrect. Keep in mind that criminals can be very good at making use of fences, trees, ladders you leave lying around and even the awning to climb up to those second story windows. A good way to protect all your windows is to have window guards on them.

Keep your keys protected

Don't hide your keys in a spot you think is a good idea, like under the awning of your roof or inside a porch decoration. You should also keep your keys covered while you are out in public so no one can take a picture of them. With a picture, they can make a copy with a special three dimensional printer and then use that copy to get into your house. Also, if you lose one of your house keys, you should change that lock to be on the safe side.

Don't advertise that you aren't home

Don't leave a note on your door for someone when you leave the house. Also, have a hold put on your newspaper subscription and postal deliveries when you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time. Put some of the lights around the outside and inside of the house on a timer so it appears as if there are people in the house.

Don't let strangers in your house

If someone comes to your door to sell something or even to use the phone, don't invite them inside. This may be a ploy to come in and see what you own, as well as to find out who all lives in the house.

Call out a locksmith professional

Locksmiths can be very informative when it comes to educating you on locks and what you can do to strengthen the security of your home. Having them inspect your entrances can assure you they are safe. If they find flaws in them, they can also take care of those issues for you.


12 May 2016

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