Understanding The Fundamentals Of Underground Propane Tank Installation

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If you're looking to convert your home to propane fuel, you may wonder about the possibility of investing in an underground propane tank to avoid the unsightly, clunky tank sitting in your yard. In fact, once the tank is installed in the ground, the only visible component would be a small dome that is used for monitoring the pressure and fill levels. Here's a look at what you should know about having an underground propane tank installed in your yard.

Is An Underground Tank The Right Choice?

Underground propane tanks are a great option for people with a large enough yard to place the tank somewhere away from traffic and parking areas. Most companies actually suggest that you have at least ten feet between the tank installation location and your home or any roadways.

What Does The Process Entail?

Understanding the process of installing your underground tank will help you be better prepared. Your propane tank supplier will start by measuring your yard and selecting the optimal installation location. This includes ensuring that it's far enough from the property line and your home to be safe. It also means ensuring that it won't interfere with underground lines or plumbing.

Once the installer finds the perfect location, he or she will have an excavation crew dig the space for the installation. The hole will be slightly larger in dimension than the tank. Once the hole is dug, a foundation will be poured to keep the whole space stable and secure. Then, the tank will be put in place and shored up so that it remains stable and doesn't shake or shift. In some cases, the company may install an anode bag with the tank, too. This bag absorbs electrical currents and other things that could damage the tank over time, prolonging its lifespan. Once the tank is braced properly, the hole will be back-filled with the soil that was removed originally.

What Happens After Installation?

Particularly when you're renting a propane tank, you should be prepared for ongoing maintenance needs. The anode bag will help delay the need for replacement, but won't prevent wear and damage entirely. For that reason, you need to have the tank checked regularly. The company leasing you the tank will inspect the entire tank structure once a year or once every couple of years to ensure its structural integrity. This evaluation includes checking the pressure levels inside the tank and inspecting it for any corrosion or dirt accumulation inside the dome cover. Any signs of weakening pressure or visible corrosion may indicate the need for replacement.

With these tips, you can understand what to expect of having an underground propane tank installed in your yard. Talk with your local propane supplier or Fieldings Oil & Propane Co Inc. today to see if your property is a good fit for an underground tank installation.


22 April 2016

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