Set An Impressive Stage For Your Magic Themed Birthday Bash Using These Tips And Tricks

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Throwing a magic-themed birthday bash is the perfect way to ignite the imaginations of your guests and give them a chance to feel like kids again by dressing up as fanciful wizards and witches for the evening. Hiring a magician for entertainment and decorating with spider webs, cauldrons, and staffs will help to make the night's festivities a success. Here are a few things you can do to really set the stage and add depth to your event:

Use Color Enhancers at the Bar

Ask your cocktail server to use food coloring in the beer, wine, and clear drinks that get served at the bar to give them an eerie and magical look. By adding a drop or two or red coloring to a glass of beer or putting a couple drops of blue coloring in a glass of white zinfandel, you'll add a new dimension of color and perception to each drink that your guests likely won't experience at other events that they attend throughout the year. Other ways to add some extra color and texture to the drinks served at your bar include:

  • Freeze cherry juice into ice cubes for drinks.
  • Use blueberry juice to top margaritas and pina coladas with.
  • Use spirulina in blended drinks to give it a "mucky" look – the drink will still be tasty!

If possible, ask your server to add the color enhancements in front of guests in a way that makes it look just as much like a magic trick as is a bartender move.

Host a Talent Hour

A great way to get your guests involved with the theme of your birthday bash is to dedicate an hour of the party to "talent night" and give everyone a chance to show off their own magic tricks, chants, dances, songs, or any other talents they are interested in sharing. It's a good idea to mention the talent hour in the original party invitation so they have time to plan and prepare. Asking guests to keep their performance to three minutes or under will help ensure that the entire evening isn't overwhelmed with performances.  

Incorporate Plenty of Dry Ice

You'll find that with dry ice, you'll be able to make just about any scene stand out and seem magical and mysterious. Place bowls of dry ice along the bar's tabletop to make drinks look spookier when they are being made and served, put dry ice in the bathtub to make the bathroom seem haunted, and use dry ice as a centerpiece for the food table along with colorful candles to create a mystical look and feel. Because of its versatility, you shouldn't have a problem figuring out how to use all of the dry ice upon delivery. Get dry ice delivered by a company like Long Beach Ice.

The simple tips and tricks should help increase the engagement factor of your magic-themed party so that it's an event your guests will be talking about for weeks afterward. 


17 March 2016

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