Tips For Packing Difficult Items Into A Storage Unit

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Sometimes storage is a necessity, even when it comes to awkward or valuable items. If you are worried that you have specific items that might be too delicate or awkward for storage, you may have to get creative. Here are four items that might be difficult to store and how to manage.

1. Valuables

If you can find the right storage facility, you can trust that your valuables will be safe. Find a location with 24 hour onsite security and video monitoring. Make sure to store valuables in the back of your storage unit, or lock larger items together to deter thieves if they do break into your unit.

2. Breakables

Delicate items such as lamps, electronics, and heirlooms may seem impossible to store safely, but if you plan your packing right these will be secured and stay in one piece. Make sure to source packaging materials such as plastic wrap, blankets or butcher paper to insulate items that are breakable. Make sure that you rent a storage unit that is big enough to handle delicate items and don't just squeeze things into a smaller space save a few bucks.

3. Hazardous Materials

If you have items such as firearms or gas tanks that you can't keep in your home but you don't want to get rid of, you most likely can keep these in a storage unit with the right precautions. Be sure to check local laws about what is allowed and be sure to read your storage unit facility's fine print what might be prohibited. As long as items are stored securely and gas tanks are empty, oftentimes these can be acceptable for storage.

4. Items that are Fabric-Based

You might be apprehensive to store clothing or fabric-based furniture in a storage unit, but finding a facility that has temperature control will help. If the majority the storage facility is indoors, this will keep out mold and mildew as well. Take extra precautions by wrapping cloth furnishings with plastic wrap, and store clothing in locking plastic bins to keep these even more protected from the elements.

There are some things you should never leave in storage such as illegal items or perishables. Beyond that, most things can safely reside in storage such as U-Stor-It until you need them. Work with your storage facility if you have specific questions on security or temperature control. If you can be smart about your storage option, most things can be successfully stored at a facility instead of cluttering up your home.


22 September 2015

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