Four Ways To Make Your Company's Move Less Stressful

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Relocating is an exciting time for any company, but it can become incredibly stressful for you, and your workers, if you don't plan ahead. Taking the time to plan ahead can lower your workforce's stress levels and help them to transition more smoothly to your new location.

The Plan

When planning to relocate your company to a new location, you have to have a plan. Start out your company's move by letting your employees know at least several months in advance. This lets your employees make the necessary preparations in their own life such s changing child care providers and becoming familiar with a new public transportation route.

Next, identify what you expect of your employees during this transition. Make a checklist of exactly what you expect each employee to carry out during this move. Having clear expectations can minimize confusion and stress.

To further lower your employees' stress load, give each of them a welcome packet for the new location. You can include a layout of your new office, and a map of the surrounding area with key features. Be sure to include things like restaurants, gyms and mass transportation locations.

Moving Technology

If your company is dependent on technology, you should consider having a specialized moving team for that technology. In many cases, you can't just unplug everything and hope it will move well. Improperly moving computers could lead to a loss of data, and that's something no one can afford. Technological expertise can be varied among employees, so having each employee move their own workstation could create headaches. It's best to designate a team, or hire a service specifically to move your technology.

To make the move less stressful bundle everything that belongs to an individual workstation together. Be sure to label and tag each item to make sure it gets to its proper destination.

Time Management

If you're having your workers participate in packing everything up, make sure you allow them enough time to do it. Nothing can slay productivity like a last minute packing spree. If you plan on keeping your business running up until moving day, set aside a specific amount of time for each employee to pack up their things, while giving them enough time to remain effective at their job.

Hiring Movers

Hiring professional movers helps to reduce stress when it comes to moving time. Professional movers are equipped to move your company, safely and quickly. This can prevent injuries if your employees aren't experienced in moving heavy things. Hiring a moving company can also minimize your employees stress levels by keeping their involvement in the moving process to a minimum. That way all your employees have to be concerned about is packing and unpacking their things if necessary. 

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5 September 2015

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