Items Needed To Properly Ship When Selling From Home

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If you have ever thought about selling items online, you will need to accumulate some packaging materials in order to successfully ship items to your buyers. The way you package your items can have a great impact on repeat business and the feedback that customers will have about your online business. Here are some of the materials you should have on hand to ship your materials properly.


If you are selling from home, a scale will be needed to determine the weight of packages sold so you can affix the proper amount of postage to the packaging. Digital scales work best, as they will weigh the item by both pound and ounce, giving you the most accurate weight when determining shipping cost. Sellers usually charge the buyer the shipping costs when selling online, so the more accurate your weight, the less chance you will be paying for a portion of the shipping yourself.

Packing Boxes

The packing boxes you place items in when shipping should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the items you are selling. Do not use a box that is too big for the item you are selling or it could shift around inside the cardboard when being shipping. Even with cushioning, constant motion could break down the cushioning material, giving the item too much room in the box. Pick a size that houses the item with two to six inches of clearance on each side of the item. If you are afraid an item could break in transit due to weight, consider double boxing before shipping to your customer.

Packing Protection

Before you place the item you have sold into a box, it should be protected in case the package falls or is jostled around during transit. If the item you sold comes apart, wrap each portion separately. Wrap the item in bubble wrap and tape it so it does not slide out of the material. For extra cushioning, fill your box about one-third of the way with packing peanuts. Place your item in the middle of the box and fill the container the rest of the way with the peanuts, making sure they are placed on all sides of your item.

Packing Tape

Never use a tape that is not intended for shipping. Shipping tape can be bought along with an applicator, making it easy to roll over the flaps of the box. They also have a cutting portion so you do not need scissors to apply. When placing packing tape on your package, make sure to apply a piece over each flap on both the top and bottom of the box for added reinforcement.


18 April 2015

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