Keep Your Piano In Great Condition With A Storage Unit

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While having a piano in your home can be a great conversation piece and can allow you to enjoy playing music, it may not be possible to bring your piano to each home or apartment you live in throughout your life. If you own a piano that you have a sentimental attachment to and don't have room for in your home, you'll want to look into renting a storage unit.

In order for the piano to stay in great shape during the length of time that it's in storage, you'll want to prepare with the following tips in mind.

Insist on Climate Control

Since the heat and humidity can cause problems with the condition of your piano, you should always insist on renting a storage unit with climate control included. These two elements can result in visual wear to your piano, along with it not sounding as good as before. This is often due to wooden parts shrinking or pieces cracking from the heat.

Do a Full Cleaning

Cleaning your piano should be done somewhat regularly to prevent the surface from becoming dull and dirty. The easiest way to ensure that your piano remains in good shape is by using a soft cloth and sticking with water for cleaning solution. Before placing in storage, take care of doing a deep clean on the surface of the piano and the individual keys.

Make Any Repairs Beforehand

If you notice any scratches on your piano or there is a problem with the way it functions, you'll need to contact a professional that can take care of it before placing in storage. A lot of people make the mistake of placing their piano in storage without making repairs, resulting in frustration later on.

Invest in a Quality Piano Cover

A cover designed to fit your piano is one of the most important things that you could invest in when taking advantage of a storage unit. A well-fitted cover will help protect your piano from any moisture and dust while stored away, helping preserve it.

Make Arrangements for Moving

Pianos are generally very heavy, making it difficult to lift and move them into a storage unit. This is why you may want to look into hiring professionals that can assist with moving your piano into the unit without any risk of damage.

Your piano will remain in great shape when placed in storage if you take the necessary steps to prepare it for storage and do your research before committing to a particular storage facility. For more storage tips, visit websites like


30 January 2015

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