Renting A Work Truck: 2 Venues You May Have Overlooked

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Do you need to pick up a new piece of furniture form the store or simply transport a load of building materials to your home? If so, shelling out the cash for a full day's truck rental simply is not cost effective. Thankfully, there are a few places you can turn to get the short term truck rentals that you require. Below you will learn more about a few rental venues you may have overlooked and the benefits that each of these venues can provide.

Hardware Or Home Improvement Store

Many hardware and home improvement stores are now offering short term truck rentals as part of their tool rental programs. This venue is particularly beneficial for individuals who need to transport appliances or building supplies that were just purchased from the store since these rental programs will offer them immediate access to the transportation they need without even leaving the store.

When renting a truck through a local hardware or home improvement store, it is important to remember that these rentals are typically available by the hour. Consequently, it will be in your best interest to wait until after you have finished shopping to pick up your rental truck, especially if you will be purchasing a large quantity of supplies. You may also be required to leave your vehicle at the store as collateral when renting through this type of program as many of these programs do not require a substantial cash deposit.

Your Local Car Rental Company

While you may have chosen to overlook your local rental car company due to the belief that they only offer late model vehicles, many of these companies will also offer a fleet of commercial vehicles that can be rented for all those dirty jobs that you would never dream of completing in a brand new truck.

Many rental car companies will rely on different departments to manage their traditional rentals and their commercial rentals. Consequently, you will need to pay close attention when making your reservation to ensure you have contacted the correct department.

You should also know that while the commercial fleets that these companies maintain are often managed by a different department within the company, the requirements that apply to a traditional rental will often apply to the rental of these vehicles. For instance, you will likely need to provide a valid license, major credit card, and a substantial cash deposit even if you are only renting the truck for a single hour.

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5 January 2015

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