4 Ways To Make Cord Management Simpler With Your Office Furniture

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Are you struggling to find a place for all of your cords? From monitors to keyboards, cord management can make an elegant executive office desk look like a mess... and it can make it difficult to move things around when needed. Here are a few tips for organizing your cords and getting them out of the way.

1. Use Zip Ties

Zip ties, also known as cable ties, are the best and easiest way to organize cords. Reusable zip ties can even be removed and adjusted without having to cut them. But in a pinch, twist ties or even string can also be used. When bundling cords, always remember to connect them first. Otherwise you can end up either losing track of which cord is which or not being able to reach the item with the cord.

2. Staple Gun It

Many commercial desks come with a backing that is not quite solid--especially desks designed to face a wall or fit into a corner. This backing is usually a thin particle board material that doesn't fulfill any structural purpose. You can easily staple gun cords directly to these desks, but this should really only be done if you're certain that the cord is going to remain there. A good candidate for the staple gun treatment is your phone cord.

3. Get a Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray isn't just ergonomically preferable--it also moves your cords to under the desk rather than on top of it. Not everyone likes wireless software, and a corded mouse is likely the item that is most likely to snag on something if placed on your desk. Besides that, if you place a keyboard and a mouse with cords on top of your desk, your only real option is to drape the cords over the desk and in front of your visitors.

4. Drill a Hole In It

Certainly it may seem like a drastic move, but it's actually what many people are doing with their older executive desks. Modern commercial office furniture from a company like A Pomerantz and Company usually comes with plug holes that you can open up to slip cords directly through, but older commercial sets (and executive commercial sets) often don't come with these. Drilling a small but serviceable hole through your desk will make it much easier to manage your cord organization, even if it does seem like a rather irreversible process.

It's always best to start out with your cords properly organized--when you set up your desk and the items on it, you should adjust the cords accordingly. Otherwise you may end up with a tangle that is both irritating and unprofessional. 


31 December 2014

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